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About Suzy

Over the last 25 years, Suzy Gorman has been perfecting the art of dental practice management, accumulating the knowledge and experience vital to the smooth, effective and, most importantly, painless running of any dental practice.

Her considerable experience encompasses not only all aspects of non-clinical dentistry, but also the commercial expertise necessary to turn a good dental practice into a great dental business.

Her Diploma in Dental Practice Management, her experience of Private, NHS and Mixed clinics and her ability to multitask as Practice Manager, Treatment Coordinator and, on occasion, even Front of House, have all contributed to her being considered invaluable to those she has worked for. However, it is the perfect blending of the aforementioned qualities with her ability to manage, develop and promote each practice as a business which has made her utterly indispensible.

Like all passionate and energised people, Suzy is a great motivator and it is her ability to pass on her knowledge and experience to others that has enabled her to win hearts and minds, shifting the paradigms which can often prevent dental practices from reaching the next level of efficiency, productivity and profitability.

From turning round ailing dental practices to successfully implementing new start-up practices, Suzy has done it all, and, after 25 years, she is now ready to share the knowledge which has made it all possible.

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